Spirit Nights are a great way to help the community get involved and contribute to each club hosting the event. We want every spirit night to be a huge success for the school or organization. To make this happen, spirit nights will follow a new set of rules and guidelines listed below.


  • Each group/organization will ONLY receive proceeds from mobile orders during the hours between 5-8PM.

  • Promote the Spirit Night through your social channels (Facebook,Twitter, etc.) for the best turnout. Include what the money raised will be used for. You are responsible to advertise your event successfully!

  • Each high school and middle school is allowed a Spirit Night in the fall and in the spring to raise money for the sports associated with the separate seasons (i.e., fall for football and spring for basketball). However, it is the schools responsibility to divide the profit of the spirit night equally for each sports team represented during the spirit night. Example, for the spring spirit night, the school would need to divide the profit for all teams that were interested in doing the spirit, girls and boys teams.

  • Each high school is allowed one Spirit Night that will benefit clubs (It will be the schools responsibility to divide the profit equally for all clubs represented during the spirit night).

  • Limit of 2 Spirit Nights per year for colleges.

  • Sports programs in the area not affiliated with a particular school will be allowed to host a Spirit Night, however only 5 total are allowed each year.

  • Non-profit organizations will have to be approved by the Restaurant Marketing Director and the Owner in order to host a spirit night.

  • Each elementary and intermediate school is allowed two Spirit Nights a year (if multiple parties within a school want a spirit night then it will be the school’s responsibility to divide the profit equally between the groups represented).

  • Spirit Nights must be set up one month prior to the night of the event.

  • The Eat More Chicken Cow may be present at our discretion upon request.

  • The main contact for the school or organization (Coach or Instructor) must be present for the entire event.

What you earn:

         Net Sales         Earnings

  1. 40% 0 – 120 $0 – 120

  2. 40% 200 – 500 $120 – 300

  3. 40% 500 – ^ $300 – ^


*We hold the right to say no to any group or organization that doesn’t meet the standards or guidelines for Spirit Nights and have the right to discontinue hosting events for any groups that do not follow the guidelines.